Diya Yoga Mat Bags - Our Story

Diya Yoga mat bags are the creation of Emma,

yoga lover and hatha yoga teacher.

A ‘diya’ (or diyo, deya, divaa, deepa, deepam, or deepak) is an oil lamp used in India and Nepal, usually made from clay, with a cotton wick.

Emma is inspired by all things yogic and Indian, with her roots in Mauritius and Sri Lanka. For the past 7 years, Emma has lived between London and Lagos, Nigeria where she has been influenced by the beauty and colours that      

Mother Africa has to offer.

And so, the concept of diya yoga mat bags was born. Rooted in Indian culture, but wrapped in African fabric, these bags are a beautiful union of the two.

All materials are hand selected by Emma from Balogun Market (Lagos Island) and are a mix of Nigerian ankara and traditional tie-dye, as well as Ghanaian kente fabrics.

Our Tailors – Tobi & Rebecca


All bags are lovingly crafted by two young people from Emma’s tight knit

community in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tobi, 22 years old, is a multi-talented aspiring young musician, who learnt how to sew as a young boy by watching his father, a professional tailor. Like most young people hustling to make ends meet in Lagos, Tobi often draws on his creative talents, in this case sewing, to support himself and help bring him closer to his dream of being a professional musician. Tobi remembers using scraps from his father’s tailoring shop to sew tiny clothes for teddy bears and is excited that this skill can now be harnessed to generate income.

Rebecca, 21 years old, is an aspiring entrepreneur who has been running her own small tailoring business from her apartment, since 2014. Inspired by her Dad, a creative entrepreneur, Rebecca dreams of being an independent fashion/design business owner. Lagos is bursting with creativity and unique opportunities so Rebecca doesn’t have to look far for inspiration when designing clothes and accessories. She enjoys the designing the sketching process and always tries to bring her Nigerian roots into her designs, for example creating bags and bangles using Ankara fabric.  


Our Ethics

Honouring the yogic philosophical ideas of Satya (truthfulness) Asteya (non-stealing), and Aparigraha (non-greed) we celebrate open and honest trading and making standards.

All materials are purchased ethically and the tailors have been paid fairly for their time and work. Once a certain sales threshold is reached, Tobi & Rebecca will also receive an additional % from each bag sold.

About Diya Yoga

Emma Diya Nathan studied in India to become a certified Hatha Yoga teacher

(RYT 200 Hours) and has since been teaching in Lagos, Nigeria and London, UK.

She honours the roots and authenticity of yoga by practicing and teaching

in its traditional form;

connecting body, breath and spirit.

Emma is a strong believer in the power of yoga to

heal, transcend and transform.


She regularly journeys to India to deepen her understanding of yoga and further immerse herself in this peaceful yet powerful way of living.

Emma is currently teaching yoga classes in London and is available for private sessions.

Yoga Mat Bags

These bags will comfortably hold any standard sized mat including those that are extra cushioned.

All bags are lined with a concealed inner pocket for valuables. These bag have a strong full length zip for easy and secure closing, and an adjustable strap giving the option of wearing the bag on your shoulder or across your body.

Currently available in four unique designs, click on any image below for more information on each style.

1 (5).jpg

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Diya Yoga Mat Bags, yoga classes or yoga retreats.

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